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Nurse and a Patient

Introduce Your Technology to the World

Educate patients, referring physicians and the community about your new technology with Bichsel Healthcare Consulting. Through patient education and outreach, we help create well-informed consumers who become empowered to discuss therapeutic options with their providers. 

Innovative Toolkits

Via your customers, help raise patient disease awareness and educate them on disruptive technologies you've developed. Do so through Bichsel Healthcare Consulting outreach resources and robust cooperative marketing toolkits. The kit makes it easy for your physicians to customize -- rather than develop themselves -- all the necessary assets to educate their patients and their referring physician community. 

Creating a Market

Your innovative technology may be able to dramatically change the market, but it won't make a difference unless you persuade healthcare organizations to adopt it. Our team helps you inform and train physicians on product use and stimulate patients to initiate product and procedure discussions regarding your innovations. We position your technology in a way that shows its usefulness, creativity and potential to improve lives and clinical outcomes.

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