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“I've had the pleasure of working with Lisa for over 15 years. I often tell her that when I'm challenged with a project or program I think "What would Lisa do?" To me this means going above and beyond what anyone else can or will do and that is evidenced by the quality of her work, her work ethic and the results she creates. I know I can count on Lisa to clearly understand the parameters of a program or project, flesh out creative and market appropriate solutions and deliver on time and on point. Lisa's experience in multiple healthcare verticals makes her nimble to approach any project and her overall marketing and business success makes her a valuable addition to any team looking to achieve success.”

Leslie K. Diehl

Provider Solutions Executive
Medtronic Health System Advantage

"Lisa and the team at BHC are ideal partners for long-term assignments and short-term projects. They are quick, collaborative and committed to consistently going the extra mile for us and our clients."

Danielle Lewis

Managing Director
Lazar Partners

“Launching a new company has been challenging and your team’s expansive industry knowledge has proved invaluable as we prepare to go to market. The client relationship at Bichsel Consulting has been phenomenal with timely insight and guidance that has improved our branding, research, marketing and business structure. I couldn’t imagine attempting an entrepreneurial venture without the business acumen that Bichsel Consulting brings to the table.”

Trey Frankovich


“Most consultants can characterize complex challenges and suggest strategies to meet them. We wanted a partner who not only knew what to do, but also how to get it done. Lisa and her team have worked in the trenches and understand that it’s just an idea until you execute it.”

Steve Bosrock

Torax Medical, Inc.
Vice President - LINX U.S. Marketing

"What makes Bichsel Healthcare – and especially Lisa Bichsel – so unique is the ability to balance strategy and tactical execution in med devices. Lisa and her team are seasoned professionals with years of experience in the areas of customer training, meeting management, outreach and consumer awareness, marketing and collateral development, sales force tool development, etc. They are capable of accomplishing a targeted, specific task or a complex, challenging initiative and without pause, you know the end product will be outstanding."

Bob Reynolds

VP of Marketing
Monteris Medical

“Lisa and her team at Bichsel Healthcare Consulting are very experience professionals in the field of marketing and healthcare communication.Their approach is pragmatic and efficient, with no fluff or unnecessary time or resources spent on tackling a challenge. I find their approach refreshing and highly effective. In the gastroenterology space where we work, Lisa's connections are invaluable. Yet I would trust her experience and methodology across any field in health care.”

Dari Shalon

Renew Medical, Inc.